Albey & Jane's Genre-bending bass & jagged edged word.
tragically hip
Flux   "the sharply contrasted pizzicato on electric bass against the wailing con arco bowing on acoustic bass provides a dark and shadowy backdrop for the hauntingly recited poem."

Black Leather & Connies   (Converse Sneakers)
  "throws a sarcastic blow with brutal precision"

Dragon flys   "metaphors dripping with irony"

Cerial Killer moms "remarkable poem"

Revolution   "the crowning glory"
Raul da Gama,

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"Naked & Pure...If true poetry is: wanting to see the world, to see it better, then this is a sparkling work...paying homage to maestros of music from guitarist Jimi Hendrix to pianist Cecil Taylor and even revisits Gil Scott-Heron... This book & CD complement each other and bring to life some fresh and daunting work by two artists who certainly deserve greater recognition..."
Raul da Gama,

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"Zenbeatz create contemporary art music. "Tragically Hip" is an album from New York-based duo, bassist Albey Balgochian--also bassist to Cecil Taylor--and spoken word performer and poet Jane Grenier, an eloquent portrayal of twenty-first century blues. Balgochian is a virtuosic bassist (he is also leader of the three bass group Bassentric), and has recently recorded another bass and spoken-voice album, with prominent Nuyorican poet and academic Miguel Algarin. A virtuosic bassist, his intense wizardry, inspires conscious thought and stimulates the senses. "
Simon Harper

"I thoroughly enjoyed "Tragically Hip," the poetry of Jane Grenier improvised with Albey Balgochian's musical concepts. It was a pleasure meeting Albey and hearing his acoustic bass approach. A poet at heart, I was captivated by the poetry and mesmerized by the bass. Experiencing the performance is vital, but seeing the words on the page with Albey's art adds a dimension otherwise unavailable. I thank them for sharing both. Following this duo performance was Albey's Bassentric. Joining Albey were bassists Ken Filiano and Francois Grillot, Jane Grenier spoken word, along with special guests, vocalist Fay Victor and dancer Mayo Yamaguchi. These were unusual and inspiring performances with other interpretive elements. Nowadays, it is rare to hear acoustic bass playing or see the bass used as a literal percussive device. " Gloria Ware, Wilbur Ware Institute

"Poems and themes that span from earth to cosmos. Drenched in a beat-cool sound while delivering an understated yet electrically charged energy, the album is a sonic hologram of a politically happening poetry club." Katie Bull, NYC Jazz Record

Caution: Listening to the sounds on this website may free your mind, cause consciousness and the desire to explore new dimensions.
Discretionary listening is advised.